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Hiring competent, skilled executives and professionals who are aligned with your corporate culture is essential to ensure the success of your business.

Our team of headhunters have an effective and proven approach. For many years, our corporate matching between talents and companies have been successful.

We aim for talent that adequately meets ALL employer expectations. Our goal is that the candidate that we will have chosen is an ideal candidate both on the technical side and on the corporate culture side.

On the strength of our solid partnerships around the world, we are adopting an approach that will allow us to rake in the best talents in Quebec, Canada and then finally on the planet as a whole.

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The labor shortage is a major issue within our economy. We offer a turnkey solution based on international recruitment. We have built a network of trusted partners in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia allowing us to find effective solutions.

We provide a turnkey service which involves putting you in touch with candidates, in fact we give you access to our database of qualified candidates.

We're here to help you find that rare gem anywhere in the world.

We have also established solid institutional partnerships in France and Belgium which allow us to put you in touch with interesting candidates. France and Belgium allow workers from these countries to arrive in Canada faster thanks to bilateral cooperation programs.

We offer your company access to our database of candidates as well as a search in source countries thanks to our local partners.

We are currently working to finalize important partnerships with other Francophone communities in countries such as Lebanon, the Ivory Coast, Roumania, Switzerland and Mexico.



Here is a crucial issue and should constitute an essential strategic objective in your company. Many industries are stricken with a labour shortage and are actively seeking to hire new employees.

A properly carried out strategic planning exercise makes it possible to forecast hiring needs and the number of new employees to be recruited so as not to be caught off guard. We offer this exercise absolutely free for you with our tool that you fill out and that we can analyze together.



We support your company in the implementation of recruitment missions abroad. Our partners in Latin America, Europe, and North Africa are here to provide an approach tailored to your business needs.
We know your time is precious, we organize the logistics, and we make sure to present you with a pre-approved shortlist of qualified candidates.

Whether it's meeting “the one” or find several candidates to fill your labor shortage, we organize all aspects of the recruitment mission.

In addition, we are proud to share with you our recipe, our 12-step methodology which allows you greater autonomy and reduced costs related to your international recruitment.


Diversity and inclusion strategies are a major factor in the Canadian economy. Diversity and inclusion is a lever for economic performance that gives a competitive advantage to companies that master this issue.

We provided support to businesses and enabled them to master this issue. Our specialized team is there to help you build an HR project around diversity and inclusion or to establish a diagnosis concerning these crucial issues of the contemporary economy.



We fully assist your organization in all immigration procedures, both federal and provincial. Our team of immigration specialists is there to offer a seamless process.

We assist your company with the procedures for obtaining the LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assesment).

LMIA in detail

Most employers need to obtain an LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) before they can hire a temporary foreign worker. Before you begin the hiring process, you need to determine if you need to get an LMIA..

LMIA confirms the following :
  • The temporary foreign worker fills a need;
  • No Canadian or permanent resident is available to do the work in question.

To hire a temporary foreign worker, you may therefore need a Labor Market Impact Assessment to determine whether hiring a temporary foreign worker will have a positive or negative impact on the Canadian labor market.



We assist your company in all the procedures relating to obtaining the work permit for your future employees and their families. Our immigration team will take care of the formalities with the Federal and Provincial governments.

A work permit is a written authorization:

  • Remittance by an agent that allows a person who is neither a citizen nor a permanent resident to work in Canada;
  • Mandatory in order to work in Canada, even if the employer is not in Canada
  • Usually issued according to an employer, a job and a specific duration;
  • Issued based on a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) or a job offer submitted by an LMIA exempt employer.

Your employee will need a work permit if they are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and want to work in Canada for your business.

Depending on the nature of the activity, your employee may be authorized to work without a work permit under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations (IRPA) and the IRPR.

Our team will be there to assess your needs and provide you with a solution adapted to each case.


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